The people who buy our apparel understand their wardrobe is an investment in themselves. You are a creative person, a dynamic fan who is passionate enough to “Make Your Statement” with the clothes on your back. You also realize that clothing is an extension of your passions, your dreams, and who you are.

  • We understand the value in high-quality apparel… RTW’s clothing creates instant conversations, connections, and even life-long friendships (it really has… See Andre’s story here).
  • Our clothing will wrap you in glamour… and sometimes a subtle sense of humor.
  • From Tank-tops to Jackets, when you walk out of the door wearing any of Respect The Wardrobe’s apparel, you will be reminded just how far one t-shirt can take you.
  • As you walk by “civilians”* will be turning their heads to get a look a someone who actually Respects Their Wardrobe.
    *Civilians are people who don’t Respect The Wardrobe.
  • With the right shirt, you can be a vibrant trendsetter.

We want to treat our customers and fans like family, and nothing short of this high standard. This means that we give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on ALL products... If you aren't entirely happy about your purchase, we will personally work with you to resolve any issues no matter what they are!

RETURN POLICY works hard to ensure that all our campaigns are printed to high-quality materials & shipped on time and accurately. no longer accepts returns OR exchanges. 

Lastly, we are here to answer any and all questions!